Mass Transfer Agreement

The new pact for education has been postponed under the MassTransfer programme. This compact is specially designed for elementary education and child education majors on MassBay. The compact ensures that students meet the requirements of the Ministry of Education to teach in their chosen fields. Students must pass the MTEL licence exam and pass before they are transferred. Students benefit from all the benefits listed in the traditional MassTransfer program and are subject to the same application process. Students are encouraged to discuss transfer options and thoughts with their board advisor at MassBay Faculty. All MassTransfer agreements are available at: www.mass.edu/masstransfer/home.asp The MassTransfer program allows students enrolled in one of the 15 Commonwealth Community Colleges to transfer their core credits to a four-year public university within the State University and the UMASS system. Students who wish to transfer a higher education agreement should print out the corresponding summary sheet and include it in their application to the school. If the student applies online, the fact sheet must be sent along with all other documents, including personal articles, recommendations or official transcripts. General education courses are the basis of any bachelor`s degree.

This set of 34 credits can be transferred to and from any Massachusetts Community College, State U or UMass campus. Yes, we will not be able to grant these transfer credits without a point report sent to us by the College Board. The MassTransfer General Education Foundation STEM refers to a series of essential requirements (education), which consist of 28 university degrees. Students must obtain an associate degree to qualify for this program and must be in a MINT A2B Mapped Pathway (Computer Science, Biology, Environmental, Engineering, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics). The 28-part mint-gen Ed Foundation allows students in the university community to take more MINT courses while acquiring their associated degrees. Bridgewater needs spoken communication, logical sense, behavioural or social sciences, and humanities and visual arts. Students who meet this requirement through « transfercredits » are not required to take additional courses. Students who graduate from an approved masstransfer program could benefit from a full transfer and full application of credits, guaranteed accreditation and a reduction in education at Massachusetts State Colleges and UMass campuses.

In addition, their general education, distribution and basic requirements are met by the possibility that the host institution may not need more than six additional credits. For more information, see MassTransfer . The traditional MassTransfer program provides students with guaranteed admission pathways at Massachusetts State Colleges and University of Massachusetts campuses. Programs must include courses that fill the MassTransfer block. The programs were thoroughly reviewed to ensure 60 or more credits (or more) of transferable credits. Once graduated, the student receives the following benefits based on his last G.P.A. You will find a complete list of agreements in the transfer agreements. The Commonwealth Commitment program allows students to start at a community college and go to a state university or UMass for certain programs at reduced costs. If you would like to learn more about the reverse transfer, contact the Transfer Center at 508-531-2686 or email transfercentral@bridgew.edu. For more information on transferring credits to MassBay Community College, visit our transcript Evaluation for Transfer Credit website and Community College`s National Transfer Principles Policy. In order to take advantage of this agreement, the student must complete a MassTransfer application on MassBay during the last semester and send official transcripts to their selected schools.