Agreement Application

Each party has the full power to execute all the results contained in this agreement on the development of mobile applications. The parties fully recognized the acceptance and understanding of this agreement. Within 3 days of the conclusion or completion of this mobile application development agreement, the developer undertakes to return to the company all drawings, products, software, templates and documents related to this contract. Any property made available to the developer for this contract by the company will remain the exclusive property of the company and will be returned as such. Each app`s permission is responsible for App Stores for each property in the model for mobile application development. Please return to the system during system availability to use the online payment agreement. This agreement to use mobile applications is governed by the laws of [Company.State]. All disputes relating to this agreement fall within the jurisdiction of the court. In addition, the dominant party reserves the right to reimburse the costs arising from such litigation. Teachers and IU staff seeking authorization for cross-border partnerships or activities under a formal agreement apply. This agreement on mobile applications is the comprehensive and final agreement reached between the parties. This agreement replaces all previous agreements, whether written or or orally between the parties. Explicitly, it can also prove why in this model users.

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