Transfer Agreement Guarantees

2. Complete all remaining course work and gPA requirements in your TAG agreement. Students must submit an application at least one year prior to transfer for their desired DAY program. If you complete an arts or science associate degree and follow the recommendations of the transfer guide courses exactly as written, only 60 credits will be guaranteed for the courses after the end of your CSU license. This is called the 60+ 60 transfer plan. San Jose City College and 10 participating four-year institutions offer students considering joining four-year colleges/universities a Transfer Admission Agreement (TAA)/Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG). The TAA/TAG program is aimed at students who want guaranteed admission confirmed at an early stage. In addition to the TAA/TAG program, San Jose City College offers transfer courses/main agreements with many other California universities, California State University, and private/independent institutions. Please check the articulation page for other agreements. Your transfer guarantee only applies to the main material you have indicated on your TAG form. Associate first-year students with a guaranteed admissions program at UCSD. University Link (U-Link) is your path to a leading four-year university through community college. A signed agreement is required for the UCSD U-Link program.

Students must go through an AA/AS at a colorado community university and have completed all of the courses listed in the guide in order to guarantee a minimum number of credits for the end of the course. The Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG) programs have been designed to facilitate the transition from a Community College to a 4-year university. The requirements for each of these programs/conventions vary. Explore the following information to learn more. Register for an SDSU transfer workshop at the Transfer Centre to learn more about this program and other ways to transfer to SDSU. If you`re attending a Colorado community or junior college and are interested in moving to Colorado State University, you`ll find in these guides information about the courses to take for your Associates Degree. The courses mentioned in the guides use the course titles and numbers of the Colorado Community College system. California`s TAG program began in the early 1980s, according to a source.