Sat School Day Testing Staff Agreement

Block test material in a secure area that only the school coordinator and administrators can access. Before testing, check that the materials have not been handled. If this is the case, contact administrative testing services immediately. Less than a week before the test, your school should receive the test books. Once your school has completed the primary test, go to the test order page and enter the number of makeup tests required. You can order makeup tests up to two days after the primary trial date. On our order page, employees can submit and manage orders online. Learn more about our new process optimized for the requirement of test housings. Offer sat juniors and seniors at school a school day. To facilitate compliance with public health policies and requirements, the College Board provides flexibility in administrative data and has adapted policies and procedures to help schools manage SAT School Day. How to return test materials and calculate your school`s trial fee. If you are your school`s SAT coordinator, you can take an online school day training about six weeks before the trial day. We will email you a link to the workout as soon as it is available.

We send emails to all coordinators who have not completed the training. This guide describes the questions that students will answer about themselves before the test begins and whether or not answers to the assessment are needed. Approximately 2-3 weeks prior to administration, your school should receive a program of guides and answer sheets that can be used for pre-administration sessions. We will send you the access code to the order at the beginning of June 2020. If you need help with your school`s access code, contact us. The conditions that students agree to when they take the SAT on a school day. Help districts and schools manage the SAT school day. Here you can find more information about flexible trial options and other College Board policies during the Fall Day Administrations, PSAT/NMSQT and PSAT 8/9. If you need resources for satellite administrations on weekends, switch to the SAT Resource Library.

Your school should receive a coordinator planning kit about five weeks before the test. . . .