Sample Physician Employment Agreement

CET ACCORD is concluded on the date indicated on the signature page of this Agreement by ABC, PLLC, a Tennessee professional medical company (« Group ») and the physician whose name and signature are displayed on the signature page of this Agreement (« doctor »). This second amendment to the physician employment contract (the « agreement ») of October 1, 2006 dates from and between 21st Century oncology and Michael J. Katin, M.D. (the « collaborator »). This agreement applies from the date of entry into force and is concluded by and between the employer and the resident. THIS EMPLOI (« Agreement ») will be concluded on February 21, 2008 by and between 21ST CENTURY ONCOLOGY, INC., a Florida company (« 21st Century ») or its agent and Daniel E. DOSORETZ, M.D. (« physician »). This work agreement (« agreement ») is concluded in El Paso (City), el Paso County, Texas, by and between the physician and the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center of El Paso Paul L. Foster School of Medicine (« University »).

20 NOTE: Date services must begin (the « effective date »), from and between the regents of the University of California, on behalf of their University of San Francisco (« University »), and a person (« doctor »).