Qut Student Placement Agreement

Use this agreement if you give copyright to materials related to the UQ Anthropologist Museum. Use this agreement if UQ proposes to acquire low-risk consulting services worth less than AUD 50,000. A regular evaluation of Integrated Learning (WIL) activities should be carried out within the framework of stakeholder cooperation, in accordance with university guidelines on the evaluation of courses, units, teachings and studies (C/4.7) and course quality assurance (C/4.6). This assessment should include the quality of monitoring student employment. Evaluation results should be used to support the ongoing improvement of WIL`s courses, units and activities. We work with industry and the community to offer our students the opportunity to learn in and through work, internships, internships and sectoral projects. Use this agreement if you hire an independent curator for the UQ Anthropologist Museum. We support industrial and community partners who work with students at all levels, from bachelor`s to bachelor`s, as well as opportunities to collaborate with our gifted research students. You can send comments on updated agreements by emailing legalservices@uq.edu.au. When a student is dealing with a wil opportunity in a job, it is important that the industry or community partner also offer workplace initiation, including helping students to work in a safe and healthy work environment. Effective management of integrated learning is based on the development of mutual understanding and cooperation among stakeholders, including students, academia and industry.

The key to this understanding is clarifying roles and responsibilities. Key roles and responsibilities of stakeholders in integrated learning at work should be read as part of the Integrated Work Learning Protocol, which contains details on all jobs in the implementation of integrated learning at work. Use this agreement provided by the Ministry of Education when organizing internships for high school students (public schools, non-governmental schools and vocational training programs). WIL agreements are used for all WIL activities, with the participation of partner organizations.