Mcq On Subject Verb Agreement For Class 8

The title of a book, play, history, musical composition and the name of a country, although plural in the form of a singular verb. For example, it should be noted that the article is used only once if both names refer to the same person. If one referred to different people, the article would be used before each noun and the verb would be plural. Example: If individual subjects have « everyone » or « all » in front of them, the verb is usually singular. For example, a collective name takes on a singular verb when the collection is considered a whole. Example: Stacks is the topic, even if it is at the end of the sentence. It`s plural, so were used. If two distinct names refer to the same person or person, the verb must be singular. Example: Identify the subject and verbt the following sentence as singular or plural: Question 3. Highlight the verbs in the sentences below and indicate whether they are in the active or passive voice. (i) Sita loves Savitri. (ii) The wall is built by the mason. (iii) Some boys helped the injured man.

(iv) The man killed the snake. v) The food prepared by Asha was eaten by Ram. Answer: (i) Sita loves Savitri. – (Active) (ii) The wall is built by the mason. – (Passive) (iii) Some boys helped the injured. – (Active) (iv) Man killed the snake. – (Active) (v) The food prepared by Asha was eaten by Ram. Prepared — (Active) has been eaten — (Passive) Inventory is the subject, not the gadgets, so the verb must be singular. In each of the following sentences, an appropriate verb is delivered in accordance with its theme: – If two subjects express an idea together, the verb will be in the singular. Example: If subjects related to `or`, `nor` have different numbers, the verb must be plural and the plural subject should be placed next to the verb. For example, the subject, the darts game, is singular, so the verb must also be singular. As we are talking about more than one person, the plural form of the verb is used.

However, it must be kept in mind that if the individuals who make up the collective noun are thought of, it can take a plural verb. For example, he is a good boy. (Singular subject, singular verb) They are good players (plural subject, plural verb) If two or more singular subjects are linked to each other by `and` a plural verb is used. For example: Question 2. Specify whether the verbs highlighted in the sentences below have been used in their transitive or intransitive forms. (i) Ants fought wasps. (ii) Some ants struggle hard. (iii) Ring the bell, Rama. iv) The vessel was shipped quickly. (v) This horse never happens.

Answer: (i) Transitiviv (ii) Intransitiv (iii) Transitiviv (iv) Intransitiv (v) Intransitive (v) The subject`s stomach being singular, the singular form of the verb, grunt, must be used. Mommy, can I go to the park? I jumped over the puddle. You`re swimming fast in the race. What do the words that are put forward all have in common? They`re verbs! A verb is a main part of the language commonly used to describe or display an action.