Jaguar Conditional Vehicle Exchange Agreement

Land Rover Assistance was created to give you complete security and you should never need a truly seamless service. It covers all eventualities; failure or accident to minor emergencies such as a puncture. Your vehicle is covered for the duration of the warranty and operates 24 hours a day, every day of the year. And be assured; If you need a home departure, a rental car, a vehicle transfer or accommodation, they are all included in the price. If you purchase an approved Jaguar, we will ensure that you receive a full warranty with an approved warranty of at least 12 months. This is our most complete mechanical and electrical component warranty and can also cover some consecutive damage. The Jaguar Approved Warranty is only available through a licensed Jaguar dealer. There is no limit for the number of claims that can be made, and no limit on the value of the rights up to the purchase price paid for your approved Jaguar. Jaguar Battery Electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles also include the balance of battery warranty up to 8 years and 100,000 miles.

Jaguar Assistance is a comprehensive assistance program specifically designed for Jaguar drivers to promote absolute safety. The program provides assistance to every engine emergency, from rental due to breakdowns or accidents to minor emergencies such as a puncture. All Jaguar Approved vehicles are covered by UK and European roadside assistance for the duration of the warranty. It is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and includes departure from home, car rental, vehicle delivery, accommodation and an accident management service. To make it as simple to purchase your registered car as possible, all Jaguar Retailers offer a professional and competent parts sharing service, regardless of which car you currently own. For a competitive price for your current car, contact your Jaguar Retailer today. At Lloyd Motor Group, we have a wide selection of almost new cars. With a wide range of competitive financing offers, we can help you find a simple and simple payment method that meets your needs. Our assortment offers you a varied choice if you find your car perfect with a selection of ex-demonstrator, ex-management and pre-registration cars, available immediately for delivery. If you`re torn between buying a new car and a used car, our « almost new » vehicles can tick off all your boxes. Everyone comes in with a low mileage, big savings on the new price, and everyone has only one owner – us! We are sure we will have something to meet your needs.

Conrad Allum Senior Press Officer, Jaguar UK M: 07468 715 346 E: ceallum@jaguarlandrover.com your Land Rover vehicle is as flawless as you`d know. To ensure that a merchant stays in the best possible condition, there is an approved customer promise. This gives you absolute safety and ensures that your vehicle will provide the best and best engine possible. Rest comes to the standard if you opt for one of our licensed used vehicles.