Interior Design Purchase Agreement

PAYMENT: Offers are due with payment within 3 days. Billing invoices and refundable fees are due within 14 days. Invoices that are more than 30 days late are calculated with a late fee of 10% per month and all work is suspended until the invoice is paid. Designers do not accept credit cards. The designer has the right to withhold delivery of an item purchased on behalf of the customer if the customer does not make the payments due to the designer on time. Reimbursable expenses: your contract must contain a clause stating that your client agrees to reimburse you for all expenses incurred in connection with the interior design project. For example, your customer would reimburse you for travel expenses (if any), shipping costs, storage costs, etc. The interior designer must draw up specifications of all the work to be carried out, which will be detailed on plan and, where appropriate, on 3D drawings. Specifications may contain interior design specifications, as they relate to color schemes, choice of fabrics, proposed lighting, furniture and furniture, and all other design and interior design work necessary for the project. In short, what a customer should expect in any well-detailed contractual agreement is a well-established working agreement with an interior designer tasked with transforming a cabin with new or improved interior fittings.

Signing a formal interior design contract is important for your business. It will help protect you in case of misunderstanding or disagreement on the way. As long as the contract is clear and both parties have signed, the designer (you) is not responsible. Insurance: Your interior design contract should include a section on insurance coverage. Your customer must be insured for all equipment and materials during handling, moving, storage and installation. You should also have sufficient insurance for the project you are carrying out. Answer: It is the interior designer who must have professional liability insurance. Depending on its scope, the designer is the one who is responsible in case of a problem. This section is based on recent questions I have received from clients. Your section may be similar or very different….