Ibew 254 Collective Agreement

According to official data, the newly ratified agreement also contains a flexible working agreement, which was set up in 2018 as a one-year pilot project. .. . www.alberta.ca/emergency-isolation-support.aspx www.alberta.ca/utility-payment-deferral.aspx. www.canada.ca/en/department-finance/economic-response-plan/covid19-individuals.html#increasing_canada_child_benefit In addition, the flexible work agreement continues with employees who work 8.5 hours Monday through Thursday and eight hours on Friday, all in direct time, with a 30-minute unpaid lunch break and one in four Fridays as unpaid free time. If the Consumer Price Index (CPI) for the Edmonton region exceeds 1.75 per cent in December 2019, this additional amount will be added to the 1.75 per cent wage increase for 2019. Recognizing the current economic climate, the city and IBEW Local 254 have agreed, under a one-year contract, on a 1.75% wage increase for 2019, which is expected to reflect the rising cost of living. Some days off are also provided in order to minimize the number of employees who take leave at the same time. .

. . For example, if the December 2019 CPI is 2 percent, an additional 0.25 percent wage increase applies retroactively to all IBEW Local 254 salaries for 2019. .. . .