Hertz Credit Agreement

These factors could include our ability to complete our proposed acquisition of Dollar Thrifty on time and under the conditions envisaged by our management; the risk that expected synergies, operating efficiency gains and cost savings resulting from the adoption of the dollar may not be fully realized or realized on time; the operational impact and profitability of disposals that may be required to obtain approval from the public authority for the acquisition of the thrifty dollar; the overall strength and stability of general economic conditions, both in the United States and in the global economic markets; The level of travel demand, particularly in the U.S. and global markets; significant changes in the competitive environment, including industry consolidation, and the impact of competition on our markets, including our pricing policy or the use of incentives; our ability to achieve cost savings and efficiencies and to realize opportunities to increase productivity and profitability; an increase in our fleet costs as a result of an increase in the cost of new vehicles and/or a reduction in the price at which we transfer used vehicles either to the used vehicle market or through guaranteed buyback or depreciation programs; our ability to accurately estimate future levels of leasing activities and adjust the size of our fleet accordingly; our ability to maintain sufficient liquidity and provide us with additional or ongoing sources of financing for our productive equipment and to refinance our existing debt; financial instability of insurance companies offering financial guarantees on our debt-backed securities; safety recalls by manufacturers of our vehicles and equipment; A significant disruption to our communication or centralized information networks Financial instability of the manufacturers of our vehicles and equipment; Impact on us through the actions of our licensees, distributors and independent contractors; our ability to maintain profitability during adverse economic cycles and adverse external events (including war, terrorist acts, natural disasters and disease); fuel shortages and rising or volatile fuel costs; our ability to successfully integrate future acquisitions and finalize future arrangements; Litigation costs and risks risks associated with our debt, including our considerable debt and our ability to make much more debt; our ability to meet the financial and other obligations of our senior credit facilities, our unsecured senior ratings and certain asset-backed financing agreements; changes in accounting principles or their application or interpretation, and our ability to make estimates and assumptions that underlie estimates that could affect earnings; changes to laws, regulations, policies or other activities of governments, agencies and similar organizations, or the adoption of new laws, regulations, policies or other measures, where such measures may affect our activities, costs or applicable rates; The impact of impairments on property, plant and equipment and intangible assets; and the effects of our derivatives that may be influenced by interest rate fluctuations; our exposure to exchange rate fluctuations.