Collective Agreement For Academics In Denmark Appendix 5

You can also be employed under the collective agreement of academics employed in the regions or under an individual contract, depending on where you work. Their employment is governed by the collective agreement for state-employed academics between the Ministry of Finance and AC/Danish Confederation of Professional Associations (CA). Your registration is submitted to the Executive Order of the PhD. The ac collective agreement includes, among other things, a basic salary plan in which you will be placed according to your level of education and seniority, as well as the rules relating to working time. PhD students have their own annex to the AC collective agreement, which defines your rights, among others, in terms of pension, parental leave and illness. It is also the union representative who has the right to negotiate, both during the appointment and during the annual wage negotiations, and to conclude agreements on the fixing of your salary. If your workplace does not have a union representative, the DM Secretariat is at your side. If your job is governed by one of the three collective agreements, your weekly working time is 37 hours. If you hold a Doctorate from a higher education institution, you are required to « perform contracts for the employing higher education institution according to its instructions, for a total duration of 840 hours over a period of three years ». As a public service employee, you are subject to the parental leave agreements applicable to your collective agreement.

If you are employed under another collective agreement or individual contract, the parental leave terms of this agreement apply. Experience shows that an uninterrupted period of illness of at least one month must have occurred in order for the extension to be granted. You should familiarize yourself with the rules and procedures relating to illness in your workplace and the application for renewal. Also, be sure to document your absence due to illness with a medical certificate and, in this context, be sure to extend both registration and the duration of employment. You collect vacations of 2.08 days per calendar month that you can take during the vacation year starting on May 1 of the following year and ending on April 30 of the following year. The holiday date should be planned in consultation with individual staff and the university should, as far as possible, take your wishes into account. When you start your doctoral thesis, you usually don`t have time off from a previous job, but you still have the right to take 25 days off. If you have not been entitled to leave with pay, you can obtain leave benefits from the unemployment fund during your holidays. Please note that the terms and conditions of employment are subject to the provisions of the Termination Of Employment Act. The employment relationship ends without notice after the end of the three-year period. The employment relationship may also cease immediately if registration as a PhD student is completed or completed.

The scope and nature of the work must be agreed on a definitive and consensual basis per semester and planning must be appropriate throughout the enrolment period. You should be aware that if you are employed as a PhD student at a university, you are not entitled to remuneration for overtime unless the overtime is due to the fact that you have exceeded the 840-hour limit for work done for the university. The PhD student is required to work a total of 840 hours for the institution. The work may consist of communication, research or teaching. In special cases and after a concrete and reasoned application, the 840 hours may be reduced, accompanied by an equivalent reduction in remuneration. DM is happy to advise you on the general guidelines for parental leave, but if you need help filling out forms related to parental leave, we refer you to Udbetaling Danmark, which manages parental allowances in Denmark. . . .