Canada Eu Trade Agreement Countries List

(6) For the purposes of point 11.22 of the Act, the term `Feta` is considered to be listed in Annex 20-A, Part A, as amended from time to time to Chapter Twenty of 30 2016, provided that the reference to `Φτταα` (Feta) appears in Annex 20-A, Part A, to this Agreement. (ii) a mark previously used in Canada that has not been abandoned, or (i) where the Minister`s declaration is published, the indication is confused with a mark for which an application for registration was previously filed in Canada and border guards of EU countries may require other supporting documents, for example: Learn more about Canada`s trade and investment agreements: Types of contracts and progressive evolution of trade and investment agreements. Note: Canadian exporters must be informed of the impact of REACH on their products. REACH regularly updates the lists of substances concerned by REACH. In the consolidated text of CETA, a long section on « intellectual property rights », IPRs (pp. 339-375) deals entirely with copyrights, trademarks, patents, designs, trade secrets and licenses. Reference is made to the TRIPS Agreement (p. 339 f). In addition to the interests of the pharmaceutical and software industry, CETA promotes the pursuit of « camcording » (Article 5.6, p. 343). In particular, negotiations on food exports have taken a long time. Interests related to European cheese exports and the export of Canadian beef have led to the protection of this type of intellectual property and to long lists of « geographical indications of identification of a product originating in the European Union » (pp. 363-347).

Automotive production and natural resources were among the main export industries. 4. Within two months of the notification of an objection to the competent authority, the competent authority may send a reply to the Registrar and assign a mandatory copy to the opponent, and if the competent authority does not do so, the indication or translation shall not be included in the list drawn up in accordance with paragraph 11.12(1). . .