Bank Lending Agreement Crossword

a sum of money borrowed and which should be repaid with interest during a given period Loan of the amount expressed as a percentage of the principal, calculated by a lender to a borrower for the use of the interest rate of the assets, the annual interest rate calculated for the loan Annual percentage A card allowing customers to immediately access their money from their current account, that can be used in a store, restaurant, online, etc. that allows the cardholder to make a purchase immediately, but then refund the money later credit card to a card that normally does not charge interest; However, it requires the cardholder to pay their credit every month The Charge Card contains information about your credit, for example. B the history of the credit payment and the status of your credit accounts. Lenders use these reports to make credit decisions Reporting feelings of regret after buying something from buyer Remorse allows you to track your income and expenses Budget of a nonprofit money cooperative whose members can borrow at low interest rates from credit union pooled deposits a sum of money that you owe to a person, Bank or corporate debt If you invest or save, these are the interest you earn on the amount you deposited, plus any interest accumulated over time. Compound interest A figure used by banks and other financial institutions to measure a borrower`s creditworthiness. FICOscore The difference between your assets and liabilities. networth The process by which you choose how much of your portfolio you want to devote to different asset classes based on your goals, personal risk tolerance, and time horizon. Assetallocation Generally referred to as fixed income security. Bonds The increase in the value of an asset or investment – such as a stock or property – on the initial purchase price. Capital gains The process of buying or selling securities over time to maintain your desired asset allocation. Rebalancing Also called actions or actions. Actions It is the process of repaying your debt at regular intervals over a fixed period of time.

Amortization A kind of mortgage in which the interest you pay on your outstanding balance increases and falls on the basis of a particular benchmark. ARM One account taken by an impartial third party on behalf of two parties in a transaction. Treuhandservice A mortgage that supports a fixed interest rate for the duration of the loan. Employer-sponsored pension plans, for example. B pensions in which the employer promises a certain pension on the basis of a formula which may include a worker`s salary history, duration of employment and age. Defined benefit plans Companies often use them as management incentives. Stock options Payments you make to an insurance company in exchange for financial loss protection under your policy. . .