Bafta Agreement

1. The use of this website is your consent to these terms and conditions, which take effect on the day you first use the site. BAFTA reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time by sending an online message. You are responsible for regularly checking the information published online in order to be informed of these changes in a timely manner. Your continued use of this Site after the release of the amendments represents your acceptance of this Agreement in the Agreement amended by the changes that have been reserved. The European Union (EU) has always created more than one free trade area with its predecessor, the European Economic Community (EEC), as a customs union. The EU has free trade agreements at different levels with most other European countries. 12. Refunds can only be granted at the discretion of management. Please contact awards@bafta.org or call us on (0) 20 7292 5823. – BFI Diversity Standards (please read the rules above to see how they will be applied for the 2021 awards) Thanks for sending questions about the rules or entry into awards@bafta.org After the fall of the Iron Curtain, two free trade zones have been created in Central Europe, the Baltic Sea Free Trade Area (BAFTA) and the Central European Free Trade Agreement (CEFTA) to stabilise these countries for EU membership. With the enlargement of the EU in 2004, the initial members of both agreements left these agreements and joined the EU.

4. If you are invited to submit a contribution to bafta.org (including text, photos, graphics, videos or audio), you agree to accept that BAFTA, by submitting your contribution, is not exclusive, under-granted right and license for use, reproduction, modification, adaptation, publication, translation, creation of derivative works, distribution, execution, reproduction, making available to the public and the exercise of all copyright and advertising relating to your global contribution and/or the integration of your contribution to other works in all media that are now known or have been developed later for the full duration of all rights that exist in your contribution and in accordance with the confidentiality restrictions in the BAFTA confidentiality statement. If you do not wish to grant the above rights to BAFTA, please do not submit your contribution to bafta.org 15.5, these conditions and the contracts made under these contracts are the whole agreement between the parties and replace all previous agreements and agreements between them with respect to their purpose.