Argos Card Credit Agreement

Shows the best cards and credits you`re most likely to get. What is RPA? The annual percentage rate (RPA) is the total amount of an Argos card expressed as an annual percentage of the total amount of credit. The RPA is designed to help you compare different offers. Your APR will be displayed on your last statement. Why can`t I change my credit limit? If you ask for a new credit limit (either an increase or a decrease), we look at a number of things before we can change it. We take into account your financial situation as well as other information about your account. Here are some reasons why you may not be able to update your limit: What is a login ID? Your login ID is the unique username you chose to myargoscard.co.uk when you signed up (it`s a bit like a username). It`s up to you, but it must be something you remember and something unique (z.B your email address). Why are I asked to repay all my credit immediately if I have several plans? If someone misses several minimum payments in a row, then they violate their credit contract, and we have to terminate all plans and ask for the refund of everything, so that all plans are added to the normal credit.

Why didn`t I get an explanation this month? If your account has a zero balance for a while, we will no longer send you bank statements. But if you have a balance and you have not received instructions, it may have been delayed in the mail. You should receive your return within 10 days of your statement being made. If you want to check your emergency statement, you can do so on myargoscard.co.uk where we have your latest statements. How do we use your payments? If you pay a payment that is not suitable for a particular plan, we apply the payment according to the terms of your agreement with us (which is as follows): Can I disable my paper snippets? You can disable your paper snippets when you log in to myargoscard.co.uk or when you download and save the My Argos Card app. Can`t you raise my minimum? No, we cannot change your minimum payment without changing your contract with us. It is also a choice you need to make to increase your payments and resolve this situation or not. By leaving the contractual minimum payment unchanged, you get the flexibility to pay more if you can. They are not always required to pay a higher amount. You can find some information about how long it takes you to pay off your balance, how much interest you could pay and how much you could save by paying more than the minimum each month, cardcosts.org.uk How can I set up a levy? How fast will it be in place? You can request a minimum throughput on myargoscard.co.uk. The institution can sometimes take a few weeks, so you should continue to manage your account normally until the details of the debit are confirmed on your statement.

If it`s not on your statement, then it`s not set up, and if you don`t pay, then you can pay a fee and more interest.