Application For Work Sharing Agreement

However, benefits (including subsequent benefit payments, for example). B Disability benefits) may be reduced due to participation in an EDE agreement if they are calculated on the basis of wages or hours of work. The COVID 19 pandemic poses major challenges for employers and their workers, and we will continue to provide up-to-date information if the situation evolves. BDO`s besant consulting team helps you develop contingency plans to protect your business and your employees. The Canadian government for employment and social development can provide more detailed information on work sharing. You can also contact members of our team for advice. All information about applications will be treated confidentially. The benefits to be paid are calculated on the basis of the normal average weekly wage of employees, as calculated at the beginning of the agreement. When workers work irregular hours, the average weekly wage is calculated by an average of the weekly working time in the two years prior to application. Employers are advised to submit their completed applications according to the following method: please read all the information provided and discuss it with your employer. Please keep this document as you need it for the duration of the contract. Tax deductions for work-sharing benefits are calculated on the basis of information provided by the applicant in the income tax section of the EI application; the amount of tax deducted is specific to the applicant`s province, personal tax status and benefit rate. The process for implementing the WS program has been simplified by COVID-19.

Employers are no longer required to submit a detailed recovery plan or have their employees sign the unique WS form. Instead, applications can be filed via a specific email filing field. Employers will continue to pay workers for all hours worked on their payroll. In order to ensure that everyone has a fair and equitable working opportunity, available working hours should be distributed through the WS unit. The usage report must be finalized weekly from the first week of your work-sharing contract, as Service Canada needs to pay your staff. The amount of benefits paid for a week of the division of labour is calculated by comparing the hours of work omitted under the WS agreement with those that the applicant would normally have worked.